Episode 47: “Delicious, Scrumptious Road Apples”

Hello and welcome to NoodlesPodcast.com. This is Michael speaking because Noah is in Seattle probably climbing tall towers or something. Anywho, in this episode we talk about Michael leaving the show next week indefinitely, Ben treating the symptom of an issue rather than the cause, and Noah’s upcoming trip. Bryan calls in to talk about his physique and we laugh at him. Then we play some games and talk about the delicacy that is a road apple. You can win money betting on road apples, we find out, then Ben puts all of his DogeCoin into road apple bets. And Noah may or may not win a game. Also Noah said something dirty and because I’m in charge right now, here’s the link: https://clips.twitch.tv/RockyLongShingleGrammarKing-iKS9g3QQELzPhc-c

Games This Week: “Do You Remember The Time?” and “FuNkY fOuRtH fRaDiTiOnS”

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